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#7; fanart - gd&top

hello everyone ! ~
my scanner is being a douche, so yeah, =.=' but i've finally uploaded this picture i drew yesterday !
yeah, i got lazy when it came to ji's clothes, but whatever. i think it turned out okay XD

also, @jess_is_vip  ~ i tried to fix top's lips, but idk if it's even different than the last time i showed you.. what do you think? & i kinda think i should have shaded a bit more above ji's top lip, iunnoo..

anyway yeah, i drew this for my friend aki as a christmas present (can you tell? :L).
i know it's so, so late. but the first present i sent her got lost in the mail, so i made this for her >< i'm going to send it to her soon, so i hope she likes it :3
i usually don't post my sketches online though, so i'd really like to know what you think ! thank you very much : )
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#6; fanart - youngbae

hello everyone ~
i just thought, while i'm in the mood for posting my sketches, i'll post this one too.
i actually drew this picture of bae over a year ago, and i've posted it on other various sites, so i might as well post it here, right? :L

i got lazy drawing his jacket too ~  that seems to be my thing.. but i hope it's okay.
anyway, please let me know what you think !~ *o*

n.b~ just in case anyone notices; when i drew it, i wasn't planning to post it online, so i never wrote my name on it, but i promise you, i drew it, lol :3
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